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Kontak™ are an Italian family-run business specialising in products based on propolis, pollen, honey and the other natural beehive products. Kontak was founded in 1991 by the mind of a great man, LUIGI FABRETTO, an expert in electronics with a burning passion for the wonderful world of apiculture.

“Dall’ osservazione della natura nascono le idee migliori”

“Ingenious ideas come from observing nature” was a favourite saying of our father, Luigi Fabretto, and it was this brilliant intuition and understanding of nature that helped produce the only system in the world that allows us to breathe propolis in our own homes, just as we would out in nature...the Propolis Diffuser.

Many years have passed since our humble beginnings in 1991. From a small Turin based family business, born out off a passion for propolis, Kontak has now become a recognised industry leader. Our products are now loved and enjoyed around the world thanks to their proven quality and effectiveness.

Kontak can be found at health and well being exhibitions and trade shows around the world. Please view our exhibition calender and come and meet us!

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